Wilton's Manor
Doggie Daycare, Resort & Spa.

Boarding & Cage-Free Grooming
2155 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33305
(754) 223-4776

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Open 7days a week

Where your dog will be under the watchful, loving, and protective eyes of our professional trained staff of Pet Care Technicians.

Monday 7am-7pm
Tuesday 7am-7pm
Wednesday 7am-7pm
Thursday 7am-7pm
Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday By appointment





Frequently asked questions.

How do I make a reservation?
You can give us a call at 754-223-4776 and let our staff know when your pet would like to check in. Or you both can stop by from 7am to 7pm Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday, or call to ask about Sundays.

What stuff do I need to make a reservation?
A completed Wilton's Manor enrollment form (available on Services section), proof of vaccinations, food if boarding.

What vaccinations are required for Wilton's Manor?
We require three vaccinations for our canine guests: Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. If the Bordetella vaccine has never been given or has lapsed in validity, it needs to be administered at least 5 days prior to your pet’s stay. Proof of vaccines must be submitted to us prior to your arrival. Your veterinarian can easily fax these to our reservations office at 754-223-4776. Dogs must be free from fleas – pets will be inspected upon check-in and if fleas are noticed on any pet, a mandatory flee bath will be required at owner/guardian’s expense. Doggies must not have recently been exposed to any transmissible illness in the past 30 days prior to check-in for daycare. Dogs should have his/her yearly fecal check.

Can I bring my dog’s bed and blanket?
Wilton's Manor is a luxury daycare and grooming facility that offers nothing but the finest for the love of your life. Our indoor/outdoor dog park is suitable for the most distinguished dog around. If Fido does enjoy his special blankie, you can bring it in.

What is included in the daily rate for daycare?
For our pint-sized dogs we have indoor recess. For our mid and larger dogs we have recess indoors as well as outdoors complete with doggie pool and plenty of shade. Wilton's Manor offers two separate areas for our different sized babies. We want your love muffin to feed prior to visiting, as we do not feed dogs that are not boarding. Puppies are exempt of course since they eat three meals a day.

How about car service?
Our staff will come by your house or work and whisk away your pup to our doggie wonderland…there is a fee of course.

What can I expect in the grooming?
Who wouldn’t want to look extra special after a long absence from our loved ones? We offer nothing but the finest grooming at Wilton's Manor. IT'S CAGE-FREE, ALWAYS! No amount of pampering is too much for our best friends. We only
use Bark 2 Basics pet grooming products.

How about giving my pet their medicine?
Sure! Wilton's Manor staff will give your pup their meds to keep them in tip top shape at no extra charge.

Does my pet need to pass an interview in order to be accepted at Wilton's Manor?
When you first check in to Wilton's Manor, our staff goes through some basic info that will help us know what your pet’s likes and dislikes are. Then we introduce your pup to a few other like-minded pups, and see how they interact. An assessment normally takes a few minutes.

My female dog is in heat. Can she stay?
Unfortunately no. A female in heat tends to stress out the boys, so Princess will need to stay home until she is spayed, sorry.

Do you let un-neutered males into Wilton's Manor?
If your puppy is under 9 months of age, otherwise, no... These boys have a lot of extra mojo, so they will also need to stay home.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
We know sometimes plans change, so no advanced notice is needed…so you’ll be in the clear. For peak holiday times, however, there is a non-refundable prepayment charge at the time of booking.

When are you guys around?
Wilton's Manor is open for business from 7am to 7pm Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 5pm Saturdays, and by appointment on Sundays for boarding only.

What if my baby needs to see the doctor?
Wilton's Manor staff are always on their toes looking out for changes in behavior. If need be, the owner is contacted immediately, and the pet is taken to our nearest veterinarian on call.

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Lower grooming price benefits:

*Frequent visits ensures happiness of your pets.

*Promotes healthy coat, skin, and nails.

 *Reduces overheating, matting, and shedding.

*Lowers grooming stress for both your pet and groomers.